A wide range of decorative carved elements, made both by hand and on CNC machines, invariably pleases the eye. The design of relief profiles made of natural wood, based on classical motifs, perfectly complements the interior of any room. Carved ligature looks great both in offices and libraries, and in the bedroom or living room. The company offers its customers not just elements of wooden decor, but real works of art.

Gilding allows you to give furniture and decor elements a unique look of a rich frame. The gilded surface takes on an expensive antique look and gives the interior an atmosphere of solemnity and nobility.

Art painting on pieces of furniture is carried out at a high professional and artistic level according to individual sketches after approval by the customer (designer). As a rule, one or more motifs that are present in the decoration of a certain interior (on wallpaper, curtains, stucco, in carvings, stained glass, tiles, etc.) are taken as the basis for the theme of furniture painting. It can be either an exact copy of the painting or pattern you like, or an original drawing in the form of a three-dimensional ornament, stencil painting, miniature, stylized natural forms or a family monogram.

Valuable wood veneer marquetry (Korelian birch, Macassar, walnut root, olive, larch, etc.) will add elegance to furniture with an emphasis on the texture and texture of the materials used.

Finishing methods. Of great importance is the finish coating of furniture, which emphasizes its lines and curves. Our company offers a variety of coverage options:

High gloss or matt finish with different gloss levels,

Painting dull or stained with varying degrees of lacquer transparency,
Pearlescent or lacquer coating using glitters,
Patination (manual application of tinted patina)
Brushing (technology of deep manifestation of the wood structure) to create the effect of antiquity.

Thanks to an individual approach, we can use different types of finishes in one product. The choice is yours!

Art painting